“All agreements mentioned below are collectively hereon called as terms. You, your entity or anyone who represent you would be hereon mentioned as ‘you’. WayYourChild will be hereon mentioned as ‘we’ or ‘us’. Services, software and uses of WayYourChild will be hereon mentioned as ‘services’."

If you continue to use our services, it is implied that you have read the terms of WayYourChild and have agreed to it.

Terms acceptance

By using our service, you are entering into a virtual legally binding contract with WayYourChild. To do so, you must be of legal age. If you do not agree to a part or whole of the terms provided, do not use any of our services. You can accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the button provided at the bottom of the page or, you can simply continue using the services.

Service description

We provide a range of services based on various software products for different types of users. You may be using the services for your personal use, business use or for a part of internal process in your school activities that you represent or own. You are responsible for getting access to internet, equipment and other accessories that are required for optimal use of the services. You can create or modify content using your account, if needed.

You have the rights to create, publish and share the content too. The service provided by WayYourChild that you have purchased will be available along with the applicable service order. WayYourChild will provide these services and you need to pay for each service for a specific duration, as per the terms and conditions mentioned in each service order.

License and update

Some of the services provided by WayYourChild are not available to you unless you purchase the license for the services included in software. This software license is not sold completely to you. It is rented to you for a specific time period and as per the terms mentioned in the agreement. We provide you, revocable license that you can renew as and when you feel right for your business. The license that you hold is non-exclusive and non-transferable. The license obtained by you is solely for you. You do not have the rights to duplicate, sell or rent it to other entities. You can use it for your personal and business related needs. The license is applicable only through installation of the software package. All the rights related to the license that are not explicitly handed over to you under the agreement are retained under the control of BSPL. The software version you hold is not the final one. Updates and new features are added, every now and then. These features are available to you for automatic update.

Property protection

The technologies and software packages provide to you by our service are protected under the laws of copyrights, trademarks and also under the Indian Penal Code and international laws. Owning the license of the software package provided to you by WayYourChild will not provide you rights under any circumstances to use the domain name, trademarks, logo or other brand related features of BSPL for your personal or business related use.


Holding license to one or more products or services of WayYourChild will not give you an all-access rights. Here are the restrictions that are imposed on its users by WayYourChild.

Content responsibility

From time to time, you would find various contents submitted by numerous entities and individual persons in the services.

Linked services and sites

We collaborate with third party providers and payment gateway processors in our business.


We provide best of our service for our customers. We do not have an obligation to do so under this agreement. The service that we provide is solely at our own discretion and we may provide limited support, updates and upgrades, as the situation demands.


We have the rights to terminate the agreement as and when we feel appropriate. We would terminate the agreement by stopping our participation in the service or stop your access to the service. This agreement will become void if you fail to comply with any of the terms or conditions expressed in this agreement. Upon initiation of termination, you are liable to uninstall the services and stop using any part or whole of the services.

Limitation of liability

By using our service, you agree that WayYourChild is not liable in any level for incidental, accidental, direct, indirect or exemplary damages including loss of profits, goodwill and others occurring due to the use of the services or inability of the services.


In any of the terms or a part of it is invalid or not practically enforceable, the court will reform the term to include an enforceable action. Such an action would be chosen so that the original term’s intent does not change as much as possible. Other unrelated terms will remain the same.


Waiver provided by WayYourChild or failure to exercise the rights by WayYourChild does not provide you any right to deem the terms as a waiver in the future.


You agree to hold and indemnify WayYourChild and its associates against any damage or losses that rise out of any claims that you have committed against another party. Any case related to violation of rights, violation of provision of terms or use of service between you and the other party will not be a liability for WayYourChild unless such a use is authorized by us.

Governing law and resolution of disputes

Any adjudication of dispute that arises due to the terms and conditions in the agreement with be carried out in regards to the internal laws of the state of Kerala of India. This explicitly expresses that application of law of other jurisdiction to any issue in the agreement will be excluded by the laws of the state of Kerala. This also excludes the application of UN contracts and conventions for international treaties, international sale of goods and other rules that govern international trade.


Any small and inconsequential change made by us will not be communicate to you. You have the rights to read and review the terms and conditions as and when you wish. By continuing our services, you imply that you have read the changes and agreed to it. If you do not agree to the changes, you have the rights to stop using our services.

Grievance officer

In accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules made thereunder, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided below: Ajay Kumar Dubey
You may write to him at the following address:
S-26/23M-1, Mirapur Basahi, Sikaraul, Varanasi 221002
Or, email him at:


Please contact Us for any question or comments (including all inquiries related to copyright infringement) regarding this Platform.

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